By letting City Wide take care of your janitorial supplies, running out of toilet paper or soap will never be a concern. Your Facility Services Manager will make sure your building is always stocked and ready to go, no matter how many paper towels your employees use every day.

Advantages of a Janitorial Supplier

Our competitive prices and expertise will save your company money and enable decision-making to become that much easier. We want to help reduce the amount of time and energy you might be wasting on janitorial supplies by taking this responsibility from your overloaded plate.

City Wide is dedicated to making the upkeep of your facility as stress-free and efficient as possible. Whatever your special requests or needs, you only need to make one phone call to make it happen. Just one point of contact means you are not running around trying to pin down exactly what you need at the best price.

Our clients are busy professionals who know delegation means getting the job done efficiently and right, even with something as simple as janitorial supplies. You never have to face an empty soap dispenser in the bathroom or bare roll of paper towels in the kitchen again. A facility that is scant on necessary supplies can frustrate customers and employees alike. It can reflect poorly on your business to be lacking in the basics and can make your employees feel un-cared for when their basic needs are not met. Do not risk looking unprofessional to clients and employees with something as simple as toilet paper. City Wide will ensure you consistently have what you need.

Our 55+ years of experience means you are putting your needs in the best hands possible. We have the expertise to get you exactly what you need when you need it. You no longer have to worry about being overstocked with too many supplies, either. Our dedication lets you keep your facility looking professional with all the supplies – and the right amount – you need.

Challenges of Finding the Right Janitorial Supplies

Are you ready to be more efficient with your time and building? Do you want to know you are getting the best prices without having the hassle of running around comparing prices? City Wide can give you that freedom and peace of mind so your time can be spent on more important aspects of your work.

City Wide offers consistency, efficiency, and quality at a competitive price. Through our network of preferred, national vendors, we take the burden of searching for the best price and supply you with exactly what your facility needs. Plus, our ability to buy in larger quantities means you will receive better pricing than what you could obtain on your own.

Some janitorial supply companies will price your products using structures that cost you more and give you less. City Wide strives to please you without any pricing tricks or sales schemes, focusing on professional service and quality performance. Contact us today for a straightforward bid on your janitorial supplies.